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On the Wall of Fame

How time flies… in another 2 weeks Darrius will be having his Term 3 school break. That means he has completed ¾ of Grade 2. He has been doing extremely well so far. His strongest subject is Maths for the moment. Probably he has PiggyBeng’s genes :)

Just before Term 2 break 2 months back, he was extremely excited as he finally achieved his goal for this year… to get a Gold Certificate for Mathlethics – an interactive online Mathematics program for school children from Kindergarten to Year 12. He has been very dedicated on finishing his tasks every week and finally earn his first Gold on the last week of Term 2.

Earlier this term he has his photo pasted on the ‘Mathlethics Hall of Fame’ along the school corridor which he was extremely proud of :)





To earn a place on this wall, he needs to earn a numbers of bronze and silver certificates. He worked hard every week to make sure he completes all his weekly tasks so he don’t miss and get his certificate each week.

Since he has been doing so well at school, partly due to the limit of how much games or DVDs he can play or watch when he has got a bit of homework to do, PiggyBeng promised to reward him with an App of his choice for his iPad if he can score another Gold Certificate by end of the school year which Darrius has already been aiming after he got his first.

Besides Mathlethics, he has been doing well in his literacy too. He is required to read a book each day from Monday to Thursday at home with us. He told me recently that he has been upgraded to a new tub where the difficulties level has increased. Apparently there are only 3 other person who are in the same level with him in his class. That also means he is already on the top 5% in his class.

We are very glad that he is adapting well and is able to mix with all his classmates/schoolmates. He loves going to school and enjoys a varieties of activities that he involved in.

Next year will be a crucial year for him as he will be sitting for a nation wide test (NAPLAN) and will be graded. We have been giving him some additional work to better prepared him.

We do not want to stress him and just hope he will continue to enjoy learning new things and love all the new discoveries.



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