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Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Holiday!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year 2013! I guessed most of my family and friends in Malaysia are already back in their kampung (hometown) to celebrate the occasion. Infact dad called me earlier to tell me that they have arrived in Ipoh for the celebration. They will go for their reunion dinner at our old kampung and will be having big prawns :D~~

I just hope everyone has arrived at their destination safe and sound. During this yearly balick kampung exodus, there are bound to be accidents in all major roads nation wide so please excercise care and safety when you’re driving. Remember to have all the numbers with you should you require emergency road assistance… which reminded me of our previous road scare when our car died in the middle of no where in the North South Highway.

Plan your journey well and if possible, arrange for them online especially if you need tow truck services. Check out all the garage car lifts online for some special rates during festive seasons too.

Last but not least, Happy Snakey Year!!! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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