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He wanted a cat?????

Last night while watching the TV, Darrius came to me and told me he likes cats. I was a little surprise as I am not a big fan of cats. I told him I like dogs or puppies.

Darrius asked if he can have a cat as a pet (he don’t like dogs as he was intimidated by my uncles’ dogs in the past so he never want to keep dogs)? He said cats are more gentle… Probably he saw something on TV that triggered his sudden interest in having a pet cat.

I told him if he wanted to have a pet, first he must know how to take care of himself first else he will not be able to take care of his pet. I told him that he has to clean the cat bed if the cat shit on it and he got scared. hehhehe

Well, I hope he will not ask about keeping a pet for a while… 😛

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